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With the season’s first snow yesterday, I found myself thinking back to this past summer’s amazing boat trip up the Hudson. Looking through pictures from that trip, I found this one of the full moon, taken at Catskill Marina. I’ve put it here since I can’t think of anything else to do with it.

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Last night in Waterford we noticed that the water level had dropped and our dock lines were quite taut, and we had to step down from the wall to Puffin‘s roof. This surprised us, since we didn’t think there were tides at Waterford. This morning, our dock lines were quite slack, and we had to step down from Puffin‘s roof to the wall. This really confused us. It turns out that the water level is controlled by the dam at Troy Lock, and they had lowered the level, probably because of all the rain.

Leaving Waterford this morning, we pointed our bow south and started the return to trip to Brooklyn. We made a smooth passage back through Troy Lock and spotted this mural just above Troy Dock:


It seems that everyone is trying to cash in on Uncle Sam. The same Sam who lived near Catskill is buried in Troy.

I forgot to get a picture of the Albany swing bridge on the way north, but I did get it today:


We expected to see Half Moon during this trip, but so far the only thing we’ve spotted that looks like it might be Half Moon is this wind vane atop an Albany building:


The weather was quite cool today and mostly cloudy. Here are the Catskill Mountains under a thick blanket of clouds:


We got rained on a bit while out on the river, and that helped us make the decision to put in once again at Catskill Marina instead of pushing on farther. We got our regular slip and were greeted by Al, who hasn’t managed to leave the marina yet (it’s that nice here). It has rained on-and-off since we’ve been here, quite hard at times. Guess we won’t be using the pool tonight.

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A better title for this post would be “Don’t Go Back to Newburgh!” Our initial favorable impression of Newburgh and its waterfront began to fade around 9:00 p.m. when we realized the incredibly loud music from the waterfront bar wasn’t going to end anytime soon. In fact, it didn’t end until around 12:45 a.m. when we were then able to hear the guitar-playing singer at the restaurant next door. He kept going until a bit after one.

Other than that, though, it was a nice enough place. The moon was nearly full, and the water was calm.

My father told me this morning that I was in Newburgh by boat a mere 42 years ago. It must have been quieter then.

This morning there was barely any traffic on the river, and the water was as smooth as glimmer glass, as my grandfather used to say. (It was his boat I was on that first time in Newburgh.)

We had the tide with us most of the day and cruised along at nearly 8 knots. We chased down, and eventually passed, the John Reinauer, which was pushing two fuel barges. They passed Newburgh shortly before we slipped our lines, and we didn’t catch them until we had almost arrived in Catskill.

Catskill Marina (where we are now) is another place I visited 42 years ago. That’s me in the sailor hat:


It is the complete opposite of Newburgh, a quiet marina up the Catskill Creek. The facilities and showers are spotless, there’s barely a ripple in the creek, and birds are singing.

Catskill Marina is also where we acquired our national ensign. Our neighbor at the dock, Al of Dream Catcher from Schuylerville, NY, was incredibly friendly and generous. We were talking boats with him, and we mentioned that we couldn’t figure out where to put a flag on Puffin. He said he had an extra one and went below to find it. Here we are with our brand-new flag proudly flying from Puffin‘s mast:


We took a walk into town and visited Main Street. As part of the Hudson Quadricentennial, Catskill has decorated itself with painted cats.

Here’s “Half Moon Kitten”:


And here’s “Cat’n Henry Hudson”:


We’re a bit surprised that we haven’t seen more goings-on around the quadricentennial during our journey. Other than the cats in Catskill, all we’ve seen are lots of Explore NY 400 flags. And this banner at Catskill’s Cone-E Island ice cream shop:


See the bridge behind the banner? According to an 1867 map displayed in a shop window, it’s a movable bridge. We think the current “Uncle Sam Bridge” has replaced that one. This bridge was named for the guy who inspired the Uncle Sam character. He lived near Catskill from 1817 to 1822, which I guess is significant enough to warrant having a bridge named for him.

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