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What provisions does one lay in for a weeklong boat trip? There are many factors to consider: how much space there is in which to stow items, what are the cooking facilities like, how to balance convenience with good nutrition, how to keep fresh foods from rotting.

Puffin‘s galley is quite basic. We have a one-burner butane stove and no refrigeration. We have two pots. We have a cooler. This made victualing fairly easy for us. We chose meals that are easy to prepare–none require anything more complicated than boiling water. We went for convenience over nutrition.

Here’s what we’re bringing with us: pop-tarts, instant oatmeal, instant rice, mac ‘n’ cheese in a box, natural Indian meals in pouches, natural Asian noodle dishes in biodegradable bowls, Oreo Cakesters, chocolate chip cookies, crackers, bread, tuna fish in cans, peanut butter & jelly, mayonnaise, tortilla chips & salsa, raisins, tamari roasted almonds, and honey roasted peanuts. Not in the picture are the hard sheep cheese, milk, coffee, carrots, hummus, and two boxes of wine.


It’s a bit different from the ship’s stores needed for thirteen people to sail across the Pacific. Here’s a small part of the food for that trip.


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