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Last night in Waterford we noticed that the water level had dropped and our dock lines were quite taut, and we had to step down from the wall to Puffin‘s roof. This surprised us, since we didn’t think there were tides at Waterford. This morning, our dock lines were quite slack, and we had to step down from Puffin‘s roof to the wall. This really confused us. It turns out that the water level is controlled by the dam at Troy Lock, and they had lowered the level, probably because of all the rain.

Leaving Waterford this morning, we pointed our bow south and started the return to trip to Brooklyn. We made a smooth passage back through Troy Lock and spotted this mural just above Troy Dock:


It seems that everyone is trying to cash in on Uncle Sam. The same Sam who lived near Catskill is buried in Troy.

I forgot to get a picture of the Albany swing bridge on the way north, but I did get it today:


We expected to see Half Moon during this trip, but so far the only thing we’ve spotted that looks like it might be Half Moon is this wind vane atop an Albany building:


The weather was quite cool today and mostly cloudy. Here are the Catskill Mountains under a thick blanket of clouds:


We got rained on a bit while out on the river, and that helped us make the decision to put in once again at Catskill Marina instead of pushing on farther. We got our regular slip and were greeted by Al, who hasn’t managed to leave the marina yet (it’s that nice here). It has rained on-and-off since we’ve been here, quite hard at times. Guess we won’t be using the pool tonight.

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Today we fell off the edge of the world. At least the edge of the world as contained on our Battery-to-Troy nautical chart. It was an exciting end to a day that had its fair share of excitement and, well, less excitement.

Leaving Catskill this morning, we continued north through a rather dull stretch of the river. The surrounding landscape was quite flat, and there wasn’t much to look at, although what there was was pretty enough. The town of Coxsackie looks quite attractive from the water. (I know nothing about what it looks like from land, so I’m not in any way disparaging the town.)

The tide was against us, so the going was slow. But the monotony was soon broken by the sudden appearance to the west of a line of strong thunderstorms. As the wind and rain started, we made an unplanned stop at Shady Harbor Marina, in New Baltimore, to wait out the storm.

Continuing north we soon saw the towers of Albany’s Empire State Plaza peeking over the trees. We stopped to refuel at the Albany Yacht Club:


A few miles beyond Albany we passed under this vertical lift bridge in Troy:


It looks nice and sunny, but thunderheads were once again forming to the west, and the NOAA weather radio was reporting a severe thunderstorm warning for our area. We decided to press on to Troy Lock (also known as Federal Lock or Lock 1), the end of the Hudson River tidal estuary. The dam at the lock prevents the tides from going farther north.

We entered the lock and made it through smoothly as the sky went from dark to seriously dark:


As we motored the last few miles to Waterford, NY, we hoped we would beat the rain. But it was not to be. The lightning and thunder began as we were approaching the wall at Waterford where most boaters tie up. Waterford is at the junction of the Erie and the Champlain Canals:


We turned west and tied up to the wall, where we will spend the night:


All photos by Karen.

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